Tips for Starting Childcare at Bright Steps Academy

A collection of our top tips to help make starting childcare an exciting and smooth transition for your whole family. We look forward to supporting you as you start your journey with Bright Steps Academy.

Starting Childcare at Bright Steps Academy

Starting childcare at Bright Steps Academy is an exciting new experience; however, it is common for children and adults to feel uncertain.

Every child is different and takes a different period of time to settle in. Some children come bounding in on their first day, while others may need some extra support.

We encourage families to follow the below tips to make your child’s transition to care as smooth as possible.

Our team is here to support you and your child throughout the transition process as we begin this exciting journey together.

Attend An

Attending a tour and orientation session will help your child become familiar with their educators, daily routine, centre facilities, and their new friends.

Involve your

Encourage toddler and preschool children to help pack their bag, choose their clothes and shoes, and read stories about starting school or childcare.

Focus on the

Focus on the fun and exciting things your child will experience the new friends they’ll make and everything they’ll learn at Bright Steps Academy!

Plan For The

We recommend planning to pick up early for the first week to assist your child with settling into their new routine and environment at Bright Steps Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Starting Childcare

At Bright Steps Academy, we understand that starting childcare can seem overwhelming. After all, you are choosing the early education partner to support you in raising your child. Remember that there are no silly questions and that we are here to support you as you begin your early education journey.

The best time to start childcare is when you and your child are ready. Every family’s situation is different. We welcome children from six weeks to six years of age to participate in our early education and care programs.

The benefits of early education programs are well documented as positively impacting children’s long-term academic, health, and wellbeing outcomes. Quality early childhood education assists with developing children’s cognitive abilities, social skills, adaptability, and independence. It also supports their transition to school.

Our Centre Director will welcome your family on your child’s first day and show to your child’s classroom. The Room Leader for your child’s class will support you with transitioning your child into the classroom. Throughout the day, we will contact you with updates via phone and our family communication app. Families are welcome to call throughout the day and are encouraged to ask for extra support if they need any assistance.

At the end of your child’s first day, your child’s teachers will give you a face-to-face update on how things went and check in with you about any questions or concerns you may have. A full overview of your child’s learning activities, eating, and sleeping routine are also available in our family communication app. We encourage families to pick up early for the first few days to assist your child with transitioning into their new care setting.

We are all a little uncertain when it comes to starting something new! Every child is different when it comes to settling into a new care setting. Some children will experience separation anxiety, whereas others may settle in from their first day. Many factors impact whether your child settles in quickly or takes a little time. These can include their age and stage of development, whether they have been in care before, and how familiar their new care setting is with previous environments they have experienced.

We encourage families to have patience during the first few weeks and prepare for a few tears as your child forms a secure attachment with our team and their peers. Rest assured that if your child is distressed for an extended time, we will contact you and seek your guidance on how to best support your child. Our goal is to partner with families to support a smooth transition to care.

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