Employee Benefits Program

At Bright Steps Academy, we view our educators as our more valued resource. To honour our commitment to valuing our team members, we have invested in a suite of growth and gratitude perks to help you feel valued and rewarded every day.

Growth & Gratitude Employee Benefits Program

At Bright Steps Academy, we view our educators as our more valued resource. You are the foundation that upholds our vision, mission, philosophy, and quality standards.

Recognising that every educator enriches our team with their distinct knowledge, passions, and teaching methodologies, we are steadfast in our commitment to our core value of ‘growth’.

This commitment extends beyond the children and reaches every team member, ensuring that each individual is provided with the optimal environment, resources, and support to achieve their full potential.

Our Growth and Gratitude Program is Bright Steps Academy’s living commitment to our belief in rewarding dedication, investing in ongoing training, providing flexibility, nurturing wellbeing, and fostering career progression.

Growth and Gratitude Perks at Bright Steps Academy

Inspiring our team members to achieve their brightest futures with us.

BSA Pay and Employee Referral Program

  • Above Award Wages: We pay up above award for all educator roles.
  • Employee Referal Program: We pay team members $1,000 for ECT and $500 for Diploma employee referrals who go on to be successfully employed at Bright Steps Academy. The Employee Referral Bonus is paid six months after the hire commences and passes probation.

BSA Parents and Grandparents

  • Return to Work Bonus: Mothers will receive a $1,000 bonus for returning from maternity leave. This bonus will be paid six weeks after your return to work. 
  • 20 Weeks Maternity Leave Pay: 20 weeks of Government Paid Parental Leave is available to all eligible employees.
  • Childcare Fee Discounts: Employees with children or grandchildren in care at a Bright Steps Academy service are eligible to receive 50% off the gap fee for the duration of their employment.

BSA Retail Discounts

  • Discounts at Your Favourite Retailers: Recieve Employee Discounts in-store and online through our Bright Steps Academy Rewards and Recognition Gateway. Access discounts from 1,000s of retailers, including Myer, Apple, JB Hi-Fi, Woolworths and Coles.

BSA Rewards and Recognition Program

  • Birthday Leave: Take the day off on your birthday to celebrate you! Please note, Leave Policy must be followed when applying.
  • Excellence Awards: We run an Annual Excellence Award Program to recognise the achievements of individuals and teams.
  • Loyalty Program: We have a loyalty program in place to celebrate and recognise tenure of service of more than one year.
  • Recognition Program: We have a Manager and Peer to Peer Recognition Program that allows team members to give their peers a public shoutout for outstanding effort.
  • Employee of the Month: We recognise individual achievements through our Employee of the Month Program.
  • Wall of Fame: We also have a digital and in-person Wall of Fame to recognise team members who go above and beyond.

BSA Wellbeing

  • Health and Wellbeing Support: Rest and recharge when you need to with access to one wellbeing day per year.
  • Leave Entitlements: All employees are entitled to paid annual leave, sick/carers leave, compassionate and bereavement leave, long service leave, and community service leave.
  • Domestic Violence Support: All team members are entitled to 10 days of paid family and domestic violence leave each year. This includes full-time, part-time and casual employees.

BSA Growth and Development Program

  • Earn While You Learn: Participate in our BRIGHT Study Program and undertake a 100% paid Traineeship with a commitment to full-time employment.
  • Access to ECA Learning Hub Training: Access to online and face-to-face training and development programs, including Leadership Development programs through ECA Learning Hub.
  • Fully Funded Training: Bright Steps Academy pays for 100% of your First Aid, CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis, and Child Protection Training.

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Why Work With Bright Steps Academy?

At Bright Steps Academy, we differentiate ourselves by creating a work environment that provides all educators with ongoing on-the-job training and access to professional development opportunities.

Our people are what makes Bright Steps Academy a truly wonderful place for children to learn and grow. We value each team member’s unique talents and strengths and actively foster a culture of recognition, positivity, and teamwork.

We respect that everyone has a life beyond work. We are committed to providing you with understanding and flexibility to be present in all aspects of your life where possible.

We are committed to recognising, rewarding, and supporting the growth of our employees through our Growth and Gratitude Employee Benefits Program.

At Bright Steps Academy, we create a work environment that provides all educators with ongoing on-the-job training and access to professional development opportunities. We believe that life-long learning is the key to continuous improvement. We encourage knowledge sharing, skills development, and innovation as part of our commitment to best practice.

Bright Steps Academy is a growing organisation that believes in rewarding and investing in the people who contribute to our company’s success. We seek to develop our team member’s skills to that we can grow their career opportunities as our organisation expands. Internal promotions for educators are actively encouraged across our services through participation in our succession planning and talent management programs.

Bright Steps Academy is committed to maintaining and investing in our services so that children, families, and educators have access to the best resources, environments, and support. Our services provide abundant resources, team members are encouraged to make resource requests, and we actively involve children, educators, and families in the ongoing improvement of our services.