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The Bright Curriculum provides children with a positive introduction to learning that enriches their knowledge of relationships, their world, and their place within it.

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The Bright Curriculum

The Bright Curriculum is our unique educational framework. It is an emergent curriculum that is guided by the Australian Government’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Our Curriculum focuses on educating and caring for the whole child to support their Belonging, Being, and Becoming from birth through to their transition to primary school.

We deliver a balance of structured and unstructured play-based learning experiences that support all aspects of children’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development to nurture the unique learning journey of every child.

The goal of the Bright Curriculum is to provide a personalised approach to early education that inspires children to achieve their brightest futures.

Key Learning Areas in the Bright Curriculum

Our Bright Steps Curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and focuses on children’s complete learning and development. Our aims are to nurture children’s curiosity, competence, and confidence as the foundations for life-long learning.


We provide children with exciting and fun learning experiences to develop language and early literacy skills. Our Literacy Program focuses on Language, Reading, Writing, Phonics, Patterns and Symbols, Handwriting, and Pencil Grip.


We offer children hands-on learning experiences that introduce STEAM concepts while fostering fine motor skills, concentration, and problem- solving. Our STEAM Program focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.


Learning about all aspects of global culture help us foster children’s sense of belonging, being, and becoming. Our Culture Curriculum includes Geography, Biology, Indigenous Culture, Multiculturalism, Languages, and Diversity.


Our Social Curriculum focuses on supporting the development of clear communication skills, a strong sense of identity, and positive interactions. Key activities include Group Projects, Games, Show and Tell, and Lessons in Courtesy.


Through creative activities, children develop an artistic sense, creative problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and individuality. Our Creativity Curriculum includes Music, Dancing, Dramatic Play, Art and Craft.


We encourage children to participate in daily wellbeing activities to promote healthy lifestyle choices. Our Wellbeing Program focuses on Physical Activity, Sports, Nutrition, Health, Mindfulness, and Emotional Wellbeing.

Our Education Programs

Nursery Program


Our Nursery Program for ages 0-2 encourages children to learn and explore in a homely environment guided by mature educators.

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Toddler Program


Our Toddler Program for ages 2-3 develops children’s learning confidence, curiosity, and competence in a hands-on learning environment.

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Preschool and Kinder Program


Our Preschool and Kinder Program for ages 3-6 guides each child’s individual growth in preparation for school and their bright future beyond.

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