Nursery Program

Ages 0-2

Our Nursery Program provides the loving care and support your quickly developing infant needs to thrive during their first two years of life.

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About Our Nursery Program

Our Nursery Program recognises that the first two years of life are a period of rapid growth where children absorb and wonder at the world around them.

At Bright Steps Academy, we support each child’s holistic development through responsive and nurturing caregiving that honours the natural developmental journey of each child in our care.

What Learning Looks Like in Nursery

Responsive Care-giving

We build positive relationships with children through careful observation and responsive caregiving.

Hands-On Exploration

We offer hands-on experiences that allow children to safely discover, explore, and learn at their own pace.

Caring Communication

We actively communicate with families to understand each child’s unique requirements and routine.

Open-Ended Play

We encourage problem-solving skills and curiosity through play and open-ended experiences.

Literacy and Numeracy

We foster early literacy and numeracy skills through meaningful everyday experiences, songs, and stories.

Music and Movement

We support children’s complete development through music and munch and move activities.

Learning Environment

Our nurseries provide infants aged six weeks to two years with a homely environment that supports their sense of belonging, being, and becoming as they begin their learning journey.

Key features of our nurseries include hands-on learning stations, soft spaces, mirrors, climbing frames, project tables, a designated meal time area, an art and craft zone, and cozy cot rooms.

Learning in our nurseries is designed to support the achievement of developmental milestones while nurturing children’s curiosity, independence, concentration, social skills, and learning confidence.

Responsive Care-giving

At Bright Steps Academy, our early childhood educators welcome each new child with respect and admiration for who they are today and the infinite possibilities of who they will become.

Our team takes the time to get to know each child through careful observation to understand their unique needs, interests, learning style, and stage of development.

Learning experiences are personalised to each child to support their optimal growth and development. This is reflected in each child’s unique learning plan.

Communicating with Families

We believe that the best outcomes for children are achieved when educators and families work together in partnership.

We actively communicate with families throughout the day to provide updates on their child’s experiences, eating, sleeping, and toileting routines to provide consistency and harmony between our service and home.

Families receive daily in-person updates from their children’s educators. All learning experiences and children’s daily routines are also communicated to families through our communication app.

Daily Routine

The daily routine for our nursery children provides consistency and certainty so that children know what to expect throughout the day.

The rhythm of our day includes a balance of indoor and outdoor play, music and movement, group times, rest times, nutritious meals, and spontaneous intentional teaching throughout the day. Regular toileting, hand washing, and nappy changes also occur at regular intervals.

When it comes to rest time, each child has their own sleep routine to provide children and their families with a seamless experience between home and care.

Our Education Programs

Nursery Program


Our Nursery Program for ages 0-2 encourages children to learn and explore in a homely environment guided by mature educators.

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Toddler Program


Our Toddler Program for ages 2-3 develops children’s learning confidence, curiosity, and competence in a hands-on learning environment.

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Preschool and Kinder Program


Our Preschool and Kinder Program for ages 3-6 guides each child’s individual growth in preparation for school and their bright future beyond.

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